{Perspective: a true understanding of the relative of importance of things.} perception is one of my favorite concepts in life. It's so interesting how two or more people can look at a thing, or situation and draw out their own percepts and conclusions so very differently. When perception is compared to reality one can say that true or not our perceptions are our realities. It's my favorite thing to remember that sometimes in order to gain a fresh perspective it's necessary to take a few steps back and re-evaluate. The last three days at the farm have been wonderful and this perspective is one I've not had the privilege of seeing until now. I LOVE this place ❤️❤️ #BostonMountainsArkansas #thefarm #everydayfarmgirl #ourlittlepond #300acers #theshepherdessheart #fiberfarm #dairyfarm #hobbyfarm #dronelife #thegreatoutdoors #perspective

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