31 Everydays of October

Today started off like most days...coffee, then chores or "farm rounds" as I like to call them. My daughter Summer isn't feeling well and Autumn and I were tending the farm together. As I went through my list of things to do Autumn was doing her half and I ended up finishing before her. So she walks into the farm house and with heavy eyes she barely manages to get the dreaded words that have been uttered here at the farm far to often. "Mommy, I can't find Joy and there's a pile of wool on the ground...."
As usual I tend to face every trial with far too much optimism....and I go out to the sheep pasture and I see wool, I picked some up and started following the pieces. There nothing like the feeling of having the enemy in the camp.... I called to Ty and Richie to help us search for her...and I just couldn't find her or anymore of a trail. Ty tells me "I guess you bragged about your guard dogs too soon, you know she's gone. " And I told him "I can't stop looking. What if she's just hiding and she's hurt and she needs me, what if my anatolians Spartan and Roman scared the predator off or killed it?" So I keep looking. Autumn keeps looking and after awhile I hear Richie and Ty start yelling my name. They found her. Disoriented and missing wool and she only appeared to have superficial wounds. I ran to her and picked her up. She spent the day in a stall and I observed her all day. Finally this evening she felt well enough to start baaaaaaing for her momma  Francie. So she's settled down in the Sheep Barn with her sheep family and I am so very grateful she's alive and I'm so proud of my roughntoughins for doing their job while I'm fast asleep. I'm looking forward to this season of good restful sleep while my guards are keeping their flock safe. This farm girl is grateful. 

Everyday Farmgirl


  1. Oh that poor little baby, Kristy! She must have been so terrified! What a blessing your guard dogs are to your flock. Like guardian angels. I will be praying peace and safety for all of your farm babies...

    xoxo laurie

  2. I can hear your paniced- yet calm deminored -voice.
    So glad you have those dogs!


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