31 Everydays of October..........

    Well here i am again just under the deadline of yet another commitment, it seems as though i find myself continually commiting and ever procrastinating many of my life's events, nontheless. i found myself drawn to this challenge for the month of October in which i will attempt to write/blog for each of the 31 days this month. As i began to throw ideas around in my head of topics or subjects to possibly write about it seemed as though the suggestions made to me and my own brainstorming kept circling back to one main idea, my everydays, those things that happen to me daily that maybe an image on instagram or even a status update on facebook fail to fully disclose who i am. so here we are 31 days of me. its not that i necessarily think that i have anything profound to share but maybe you'll laugh or possibly shed a tear, maybe my puncuation and grammar may drive you insane, however as i embark on this journey i hope that you'll set those presepts and judgements aside, kick off your shoes and sit with me a spell as i pour myself out to you my readers.......

                                                                                   Everyday Farmgirl


  1. Glad you're doing this! I just added you to my feed reader, so I'll start following along. :)

  2. I love reading about your farmlife and getting to know you better, Kristy. I so wish that we lived closer. I think we would be the best of friends! :)

    xoxo laurie

    1. laurie you are always so beautiful and encouraging. xoxoxo i would love a best friend!


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