I will be the first to tell you that I am absolutely a perfectly imperfect mother. This week my priorities have been off. My baby turned 16 on the 26th of December and I think that I am in denial about how quickly the years are racing past me. When I look at my Autumn Sky and I see this beautiful young woman whose beauty is far deeper than that on the surface I am amazed. Ever since she entered this world {much quieter and easier than her big sister} She's always been so easy. She's always managed to fit perfectly everywhere. {don't get me wrong we have had a few seasons of crazy town, Autumn you know what I'm talking about 😜} She has the strongest back and arms that can out work grown mean as well as most teenage boys. She has an integrity and passion unmatched by most. She has the biggest heart and would give away everything she owns to help someone she loves. Her depth and loyalty leave her heart broken more often than not which is the hardest thing for people who love so much and care too deep. She is one of the most amazing humans you will ever meet and if you are lucky enough that she calls you friend you're walking amongst the privileged few. My beautiful Sky, I'm humbled and grateful that when God searched the earth He smiled at me and trusted me with your life. I Love you fiercely everyday even in the days you feel like I'm far away or too busy. I love you and my life would be awful without you. ❤❤❤have so much fun with your friends tonight my baby girl 😘 @autumn_floyd #AutumnSky #Momsgirl #mybeauty #theshepherdessheart

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