One of my favorite parts about my job is working on projects like this with @deborahstachelski of @societyletters ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I try to to share too much about work on my personal page but I thought you guys might like this opportunity ❤️❤️🙋🏻 We here @canvas_hq LOVE LOVE LOVE @societyletters Its: GIVEAWAY FRIDAY Who has more issues than Vogue?🙋 #us. This one is a FAVE, it's 20x20 and will go great with your life 👸 *adjusts crown* To enter you know the drill: • follow @societyletters • follow @canvas_hq • tag a buddy in the comments (more friends more entries)! - Winner announced on Monday, US only please. Happy Friday! #SL_CHQ. #CanvasHQ #societyletters #societygirl #design #girlie #truth #friends #goldenretrieversforeva

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