You know that whole joy comes in the morning gig? It's totally a thing. One of the most profound lessons this last 6 years of #farmlife has been the literal roller coaster of not just the seasons but day to day. So quickly it can turn from peaceful serenity to a high stressor of your 3 year old jersey you got when she was a day old and raised on a bottle is now sunk in the mud and you've dug in the mud behind her and your trying to shove her out and she just wants to keep turning her head back and resting it against your face and neck because she's so happy that moms finally here..I'm happy to report that this morning Lemon is doing great and she greeted me with her sweet jersey girl kisses❤️ and I'm such a #proudmoocowmomma this morning because my #peach gave birth to this beautiful healthy bull calf! It's hard to believe she's almost 6 now and this is her 4th calf ❤️ #farmlove #peachpie #cowgirlup #peaches #everydayfarmgirl #theshepherdessheart #calfdaysarehere #thisismyhappyplace #storiesfromthefarm

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