I remember you know...like yesterday as "they say" holding this tiny five pound two ounce baby girl in my arms for the first time and thinking it was impossible to ever love someone so much. I truly never wanted to share her with anyone. In fact when it came time to start kindergarten my decision to homeschool her was birthed on the foundation of the fact that I just did not want her to spend that many hours a week with someone else. As each season in her life and each milestone gave way to the next it just felt natural that by this time in her life I would be ok with sharing her. As it turned out scooping her into my arms will always be something I want to do. To hold her and take care of her. This season of her life is my favorite. Our relationship has changed so much since the first time I held her. I am so proud if the person she's become. Seventeen always seemed so far away. No matter how many years pass the thing that will never change is this mommas desire to scoop her little bird up, hold her near always. I love you my wild flower, everyday.

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