One of my favorite things about Instagram is the way that it fosters such a deep community! I have personally struggled with feeling like I am in over my head and alone in so many different areas of my life. From feeling like I am the only weirdo that loves farm animals to the other end of the spectrum being a woman entrepreneur. Instagram has tied me to some of the most amazing farmgirls that have become such real friends through the roller coaster and sometimes deep heart ache of farm life. It has become a place where not only can I ask questions but offer advice to someone who might have a sick bottle fed cow. I have learned so many lessons the hard way that I just love being able to help a fellow farm girl save her pet cow. And on the other end of that spectrum I have learned so much from so many brilliant and talented women in business on Instagram. Their heart has been to share and impart wisdom to others fostering #communityovercompetition being a part of such an amazing #risingtidesociety Is such a humbling honor❤️πŸ™ŒπŸ». I am so grateful for the relationships and mentors that have walked into my life as well as the relationships with those that needed help from me. If you are looking to start a business {we ALL had to start somewhere} or already own one and are needing help, advice or inspiration. Or if you are feeling like you're the only one that has ever experienced what you're going through, I encourage you to grab a mentor, lean on someone, reach out because you are not alone. There is online school is perfect for you! You will be poured into, inspired and encouraged. There are 19 entrepreneurs as they share tips, tricks, and insider information on how they grew their businesses and how you can too. You'll learn about email marketing, collaborating, marketing, and so much more! Hurry up and sign up before the early bird rate expires! Link in my bio❤️❤️❤️

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