All is the greatest challenge of the natural givers' personality to extend enormous amounts of energy in an effort to be all things to all people. As I have grown slightly mature with age I have learned to recognize that this idea is impossible and that it is more than ok to say, no. It is ok to take a few steps back and spend time allowing yourself rest, to reflect, to sleep, to relax, to dream but more importantly to just be. For me juggling the running of a company, my farm, my household, my family, my relationships as well as my ambitions...well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see there isn't left time for myself. It seems as though we are force fed the idea that taking time for yourself is in fact selfish. I have learned the hard way that the idea of that being selfish is not only ludicrous but destructive. Sunday mornings are the time I have allotted myself such time. This calm, beautiful, lazy rainy morning in the south, spent on the master sleeping porch of my farmhouse with a huge cup of coffee was exactly what this shepherdess needed. I encourage you to pencil yourself in, spend time with you. Love yourself and most importantly just be you. #musingsfromthefarm #sundaymornings #whipporwhillcottage #mastersleepingporch #rainydays #rest #selflove #beyou #everydayfarmgirl #everydaycanvasgirl #everydayisanewcanvas #theeeverygirl #theshepherdessheart #coarlflorallove

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