That's not mud covering me. That's very wet and a large quantity of poop. Cow poop. Farm's not for the faint of heart that is for sure....your day can start of dreamy and quiet with rain falling on the metal roof and a great cup of coffee then you pleasantly are surprised by a goat that's never kidded having a miracle baby then quickly hearing another momma give successful birth to twin girls. You go about your day finishing up chores. Check on everyone through out the day and all is well. Suddenly the door flies open with screams for help, without any questions we all fly out the door pull on muckboots and jump to action. Our Jersey London ate too much of something and was down on her side bloated up bigger than the barn. Everyone has a role. The needle goes in her side to make a path for the gases to escape. Everyone presses, everyone holds. Her pathways are cleared so she can breathe. As we get her deflated like a popped balloon we then half to roll her up and get her up. It's important for her to get on her feet as soon as possible. She's in partial shock and feeling weak. She can't stand. That means getting incredibly close to her rear, ignoring the mounds of poop and digging in to get her up no matter the cost. No matter the smell and no matter where that poop is going to get. London is up, in the barn and feeling a million times better. I hope I'm always the #everydayfarmgirl that responds to the call and digs in. πŸ™ŒπŸ»❤ #farmlife #farmlove #theshepherdessheart #thefarm #poop #reflections

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