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 I'm going to just begin this story with a short version of some background and maybe at some point I will dive in deeper. For now I will just tell you that I love old, vintage pretty much anything that had markings of time and use, but I haven't always been that way. When I was younger the veil over my eyes told me that I needed everything to be new but as I've matured (just a little) and I have discovered who I am I have come to realize that perhaps it's not so much that I was born in the wrong era per say but maybe through my life pieces of times gone by can live on. Anyhow we built our farmhouse which I call, Whippoorwill Cottage  a few years ago, however there are still loose ends in need of tying up. So last winter we laid wood flooring upstairs in our hangout place that was left over Virginia milk works hand scraped hardwood 3/4"x4" flooring from the house we had built and lived in before our farm adventures began. Don't get me wrong it's beautiful but it's not engineered to handle much use. In Autumns room as well as in the girls bathroom we laid recycled basketball gym flooring. In the rest of the house we laid number 3 solid oak wood floor from lumber liquidators, which translates too it's rough. It has knot holes, it has worm holes, beetle homes, termites as well as being able to tell years of drought and years of plenty....I LOVE it. It's chalked full if unique charm and a ton of character and it tells it's own story. I also would like to interject here that in every bundle it's marked #3....at one point the girls asked why it has the number three written on it and I kinda sarcastically said "it's the number of the day and you are secretly being filmed for an episode of Sesame Street ;))) well Ty is much more a perfectionist than me so my line through out the building of our farm has been "it's okay, it's cottagey" he wasn't really a fan of the flooring but we went with anyway....soooo last winter we laid this floor and it was way too cold to sand or seal it. In February we started building the apartment complex which put Whippoorwill Cottage on the bottom of the list. So a few seasons have passed and life has happened on those floors. There have been cows, goats, chickens, sheep, ducks, muddy feet and vegetables galore all over those floors. Well this week I decided to work on the mudroom floor which is the worst one of them all. I lightly sanded because as I started I could see evidence of our story on the floor, bottle raised goats, sick animals, and a few #3. I left it all. Rubbed a little stain in and then I decided that I'd like to add a custom something to remind people when the walk it that it's a farm and farms are dirty. So Summer, Autumn and I came up with this....the cow, the sheep and the rooster. We joked about trying to get maybe Adelaide my jersey calf to lay still for a chalk outline...we laughed about imagining Adelaide standing there with Cordelia on her back and Leonitis   My rooster on her back. We laughed so hard at our sill antics to figure how to project this silhouette...finally it happened! Don't you love when things come together? This I'd like to share with you is our very own unique farm scrapped wood flooring, it's cottage❤️ <a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/15764795/?claim=mteq2gv7vqd">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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