Bovine Love

i have a cow...... 

welllll 16 cows and expecting, but this story is about my first cow.....
Peaches Peaches oh how I love my Peach! 

Disclosure statement: I am a born and raised Cali girl! 
We started our farm plans in 2005. In 2008 we bought woods and like beavers have been turning it very slowly into a farm. Over the last 3 years actually living on The Farm I have experienced the highest of highs and the most crushing lows. I read once that the farmer must me an optimist or else he wouldn't still be a farmer....amen. In February 2011 my bottle calf dreams came true! So we load up in our land cruiser! Like real farmers that we were and we go to a farm to pick out our first calf. I was kinda persnickety about wanting a Jersey milk cow in the beginning but Peaches was so beautiful and so LOUD! She cried and mooed and bellowed so much. I was a sucker. I wanted the loud one that obviously needed a momma. She was 2 weeks old and a Holstein with just enough Jersey to make her eyes big and lashes long with that cute snout....

I knew nothing really of things bovine related except for some book knowledge. All I knew was that I loved her sweet face. She was the only animal besides dogs for 11 months on our farm which was perfect for me seeing as how she grew and i grew with her. I bottle fed her umm like 9 months which i know now was way to long. She followed me

 here is the day we brought her home...

her first bottle..

 i love her face!

we snuggle and she is so affectionate..

and shes a smarty pants!

my niece wanted to "squeeze" Peaches for some chocolate milk!

When we were building Whipporwhill Cottage she would try to come on in.

People said to be careful when she calved out that she might be aggressive towards me...she has never been more proud, here is her first calf Pie.

 i love when she lays down and chews her cud.

 she's so perfect to me.

her second calf little miss Meringue.


She truly thinks I'm her momma. She is so affectionate, so smart. One day my father in law had come in from Ada, Oklahoma for a visit (he's a real cowboy with like 60 cows) and we were going to go to lunch. I said I have to pen up Peaches real quick I don't want anything to happen to here while we are gone. She was 8 months old. I proceeded to the damn to holler across the lake at her calling out in my loudest baby talk crazy cow lady voice "peachessssss peach pie come on moooooo cow"

My father in law says, “That cow is not going to come to you, you'll have to go up there and drive her up...”

Ummm nooooo I'm her mommy. And here she comes just trotting along like a good little moo cow.

My dear sweet Peach turned THREE this last February, i can hardly believe i have adored her that long. She has had two calves now and both were beautiful heifers. I love my time in my milk parlor with my bovine love. Milking her is by far my favorite farm chore. i hope for many years to come being her momma.


  1. This heartwarming post proves what I've always suspected about cows. I had an innate feeling that they were capable of bonding like this. I love that you have such a special and wonderful bond with your sweet Peaches!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

    1. awe you are so sweet!! yes yes cows are smart and do love deep xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness! I had a big smile on my face the whole time I read this!! This is precious and just what I want to hear. We moved from Atlanta to a farm in NC 4 years ago. Everything about life changed and became more wonderful. One thing we don't have yet is a milk cow. We travel going music and I couldn't leave her unless I find a friend willing to milk.

    1. i AM terrible! i just saw this and i smiled so big because you DO have a milk cow now!!


Bovine Love

Bovine Love


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